Introduction to the curriculum

The school will have a topic based curriculum which will be inextricably linked to the ethos of the school.  The school will deliver the International Primary Curriculum and the National Curriculum 2014, providing a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on global learning and sustainability.

The school curriculum will not just focus on what is taught but how it is taught. It will necessitate direct interaction with the natural environment and with the local community to help children understand the big questions about the world in which they live. It will foster critical thinking and deeper engagement through a social justice approach. The use of Philosophy For Children as the vehicle for the “big questions” will be threaded through all aspects of the curriculum which will develop enquiring minds that challenge perceived wisdom.


 The school curriculum will be broad and rich and will open the hearts and minds of our children to a range of perspectives and viewpoints which will enable them to be successful adults. Children will enjoy the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum which will ignite a shared passion for lifelong learning and a relentless focus on striving for success and excellence, both now and in the future. All aspects of the curriculum will be taught to a high standard which will be borne out of high quality training for all staff.