Our Vision and Aims

School Ethos

We believe that a deep understanding of global learning and sustainability will underpin the core principles and values that our children will need as they become the adults of tomorrow.

The deeply held believe ‘start local, think global’ promotes outward facing collaboration and partnerships which will ensure we have an outstandingly aspirational school built on mutual respect and compassion.

The school will have an authentic green and sustainable agenda woven into all aspects of curriculum, practice and the very fabric of the building. The children will pro-actively be engaged in a sustainable education for the future through a curriculum that goes beyond recycling and conserving energy.

An outdoor learning approach which will be central to learning experiences, will lead to significant benefits for children’s health, happiness, well-being and development; in their relationship to nature and each other.


Our vision for Sky Academy is to achieve:

An outstanding school -

o   with an international and sustainability education ethos

o   that supports the cohesion of a large new community using the underpinning vision of the Garden Village

o   with a clear focus on preparing pupils to be global citizens of the future.


We will deliver a unique and innovative curriculum leading to outstanding education to all pupils aged 3-11.   The school will have a curriculum based on the national curriculum, enriched with learning about sustainability and global citizenship.   The school will have outdoor classrooms to: maximise learning through doing; build independence and promote self-esteem; creativity and a positive attitude towards learning.   There will be a strong focus on numeracy and literacy and, above all, maintain consistently high standards across all subjects.



We value an education that will support children to become:


We will support our children to become happy, healthy and robust children with self-belief, confidence, emotional resilience and pride in themselves as learners.


We believe in children developing a strong sense of place; understanding who they are, where they are from and how they are connected to nature, their local environment and community.

Curious and Resilient

Our children will be inquisitive, active learners with the confidence to face challenges, ask questions, reason, propose solutions, learn from mistakes and try again.


We will equip children with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop respect, empathy and tolerance; able to live, play and work together to create positive solutions.

Globally and Environmentally Aware

Our children will develop an understanding of environmental issues and sustainable development. We aim to develop independent, responsible and resilient citizens of the future who can make significant contributions to their communities.


The Eden Project is uniquely placed to partner on this development. The iconic regeneration project and eco visitor attraction is very close to the proposed site for the school. Constituted as an educational charity with its mission to connect people to each other and the living world, leading to a better future for all, Eden brings a wealth of relevant experience and expertise. Eden’s commitment to creating outstanding outdoor learning experiences is manifest throughout its portfolio of educational work.


This currently includes:  

  • Welcoming 50000 school visitors to Eden each year to participate in curriculum linked programmes; 

  • Running University Level courses from its campus in partnership with Cornwall College; 

  • Working in depth with Cornish primary schools to develop their school site for outdoor learning and play; 

  • Delivering outdoor programmes for early years children and their families. 


The Atlantic Centre of Excellence is committed to supporting the ethos of starting local and thinking globally.  

We believe in a commitment to taking local action to tackle global challenges.  This chimes perfectly with Eden’s description of itself as ‘ordinary people trying to change the world’.  We believe that incorporating sustainability into all aspects of a school life and empowering children so that they can build a positive future for themselves and the environment are essential for the future.  


At Kernow Learning we believe that young people are the authors of their own futures academically, vocationally and as citizens.  We will empower them to develop as responsible global citizens by building an International School with a sustainability ethos.   


The Trust has experience of successfully embedding sustainability into the whole curriculum and has been paving the way for other schools to follow; the Sky Academy Project Lead has mentored 16 schools across the South West to implement sustainable development best practice and develop techniques to get pupils involved and enable behaviour changes of children, parents and the wider community. 


 This academy will aspire to achieving the following sustainability awards; 

  • The International Green Flag Award / Eco School Status 

  • The Green Tree Award from the Woodland Trust 

  • The Ashden School Award  

  • International School Award  

  • Being an exemplar and test bed for sustainable construction and operations. 

As a symbol of transformation and regeneration, Eden is an inspiring example that positive change is possible, precisely the mindset we wish our pupils to develop. To this end we support the view that the new school should be self-sufficient with ground source or geothermal heating, PV solar panels, water harvesting and energy efficient lighting.  It should engage in sustainable food sourcing, including involving the children in growing their own food and looking after their own animals.