Learning Outside the Classroom

Our experience is that children who spend more time outdoors become more active and confident through their connection with nature and the living world which supports them to become curious and resilient learners.

The benefits to children learning outside and creating enquiry-based environments are extensive, below is a list of some of the key benefits but this is not exhaustive:-


  •          Better physical health, growth and development;
  •          Numerous opportunities to strengthen motor skills;
  •          Connection to nature and respect for it;
  •          Promotes creativity and the capacity to learn;
  •          Leads to stronger verbal and social skills;
  •          Increased collaboration, communication, team working, listening, discussion, debates, planning, decision making etc;
  •          Greater opportunities for Scientific exploration & knowledge;
  •          Stimulates senses;
  •          Refining fine motor skills;
  •          Improves pupil behaviour and promotes positive attitudes to learning;
  •          Improves mental health and emotional development;
  •          Promotes social inclusion;
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