This unique curriculum begins at the very roots of children’s education with a nature-inspired nursery based on outdoor learning through play, supported by the Eden Project.  A growing body of evidence supports the claim that play and learning in the outdoors leads to significant benefits for children’s health, happiness, well-being, development and learning.
Creating a nursery setting where around 80% of children’s time is spent outside is a key first step for the youngest children of the new West Carclaze Garden Village in becoming globally and environmentally aware and fully prepared for life and learning in the 21st Century. The nursery and foundation stage practitioners will use the guidance in the ‘Development Matters’ publication to support each individual child’s development.
 In order to support the needs of working parents the nursery will be open from 8am – 6pm, weekdays during term time with the option to open a holiday playscheme in the setting if parents express a need for this. On opening the nursery will provide places for children age 3 and up. Should there prove to be a demand from parents we will explore the possibility of opening up the provision to 2 year olds.